The Crocodile Was Doomed! Rare Animal Battles with Crocodiles Caught on Camera

The strength of the crocodile's jaws is so great that it can bite off the bumper of a car. But even such a dangerous predator can make a mistake in choosing a victim. Now it clearly attacked the wrong hippopotamus. It simply trampled the crocodile in a few seconds. There are other animals that can give a beating to even a large adult crocodile. And now we let's show the most epic fights of these enemies [music] crocodiles and alligators often hunt wild boars that come too close to the water.

one lightning-fast jerk and the reptile's jaws close on the victim's body with the force of a steel vice, then all that remains is to drag the victim into the water, no matter how strong the jaws of the fangs enter it’s like a hot knife through butter, but this crocodile clearly overestimated its strength at first glance. She correctly decided on the choice of victim, this reptile is still young, so she decided to attack the cubs and not the adults, but in fact it turned out that this was a big mistake; the crocodile clearly underestimated the parental instinct.

the wild boars pounced on crocodiles from both sides, they powerfully rammed the enemy, tried to break through his scales with their fangs, bit and threw them away. Although the reptile is about one and a half times larger than Boars, this did not stop such a fierce rebuff. The crocodile certainly did not expect a herd of millions of ungulates that migrate across Africa and cross rivers on their way, it’s like A supermarket for crocodiles, the reptiles don’t even seem to really hide in the water and take a long time to choose the most appetizing prey, then swim up.

grab the prey in one frightening throw and drag it into the water but here for some reason this tactic just didn’t work; the crocodile is clearly in shock; perhaps He couldn’t catch the zebra exactly. because her impudence amazed the reptile some striped horse literally passed the crocodiles within a couple of centimeters such Bravery is worthy of a like, it doesn’t seem so if they have ears in Africa A predator that can cope with an adult Lion in one-on-one combat then this is a crocodile the strength of several reptile jaws times more than the bite force of a Lion, powerful blows with the tail can be as dangerous as the claws of a big cat, and armored with strong scales gives excellent protection; indeed.

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