The Most Giant Farmed Animals

What the most muscular cows on the planet are capable of, how big a chicken or turkey can be, and how gigantic horses weighing a ton that are bred on farms can be useful. Today you will learn the answers to these questions; you will plunge into the unusual world of agriculture; in this issue I will show you Belgian super cows are one of the most common animals raised and kept on farms. Cows come in many different varieties, but few species and breeds can compete with Belgian super cows.

which are also called Belgian super bulls and Belgian cows. blue cows are real giants from the world of farming and just one look at them it’s clear why these giants were specially bred by crossing various specific breeds; selection began in Belgium in the 18th century and continues to this day; Belgian giants are still raised on some farms from their own they differ very much from their brothers, their dimensions are what they need, the weight of one such cow can be 1300, as it seems that all these kilograms are represented by pure muscles.

such impressive muscles, by the way, are caused by mutations of the ostanin proteins, because of it, muscle growth in cows practically does not stop and they can become bloated to incredible proportions, this has both pros and cons, these cows produce more tender meat with a low fat content than ordinary cows and also provide high milk yields, however, you have to pay for everything these giants pay with frequent swelling of the legs and a short period of life Watussi Watussi is another a breed of cattle that is distinguished by its not frail size only if the Belgian super cows are huge and Massive in general.

the African Watussi can boast of unrealistically huge and thick horns, gigantic lengths of horns, the size of which can reach up to a meter or even up to two meters, help these large animals cope with heat, inside the horns there is an extensive circulatory system that is used by cows as a thermoregulation system; in hot weather, the blood that passes through the horns is cooled by air currents and lowers the temperature of the whole body, in addition to the unusual thermoregulation, the Watussi can boast of an excellent digestive system; it is so pumped up that it is able to process even the roughest food due to their characteristics-thank you very much for watching.

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