The Most Dangerous Baby Animals in the World

It's no secret that many animals pose a danger to humans, when we talk about such dangerous animals, we naturally think about adults, especially but also some young ones. Which ones can pose a threat to us and why they should be feared, you will learn in this issue, take a look at this baby, she has spines all over her body and she is bloated. Those who know have already understood this is a pufferfish, or rather, a baby pufferfish is actually a pufferfish - this is not a specific species.

but a whole family of fish that are distributed in different places around the world. Many people believe that pufferfish can be found only in the seas and oceans, but this is not so, not all pufferfish love sea water, some species live in fresh water and are found from South America and Africa to Southeast Asia. It is because of Southeast Asia that pufferfish gained their popularity because in local waters They are caught and then sent to Japan where the signature dish fugu is prepared from them. Incorrectly prepared dishes can kill a person.

After all, pufferfish are toxic and this also applies to young ones. These fish contain tetrodotoxin, which is the strongest natural poison with a nerve-paralytic effect if it enters the digestive tract, it causes pain, convulsions and usually leads to death, so don’t underestimate even small pufferfish, they can also lead to poisoning. Now let’s look at this turtle, this baby looks very dangerous, all covered with some kind of spikes. Moreover, his claws are not frail, but they are not at all necessary for a small turtle.

such an outfit, in order to be dangerous it is enough to have a completely ordinary shell but at the same time monstrously strong Jaws like, for example, a snapping turtle otherwise it is called the Alligator turtle and for good reason. Firstly, it has protrusions on the shell reminiscent of the rough and ribbed skin of an alligator, and secondly, In terms of bite, it can easily salt some objects with an alligator; it bites in half in an instant without even straining; the dimensions of the turtle also play a big role; these reptiles can grow up to one and a half meters in length and weigh 60 kg; It usually does not bite, but only widely develops a terrifying stream of liquid.

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