This Beast is 100 Times More Dangerous than a Rhinoceros

The rhinoceros is the second largest land animal on the planet, the owner of the terrifying island of Horns and incredible dimensions and a creature that can start with half a turn, it is difficult to find someone more dangerous than him, but such animals exist and now you will see this in this issue, I will show you animals that are 100 times more dangerous than a rhinoceros and I will share some facts about horned giants.

if you asked me who in my opinion I would not hesitate to name an elephant much more dangerous than a rhinoceros, but seriously, this animal is simply incredibly dangerous, formidable and terrifying despite its appearance. Peaceful appearance, after all, the huge size of an elephant has to be taken into account for everyone, including rhinoceroses, these huge herbivores often enter into conflicts and in 99 percent of cases the elephant wins, for example, here a female rhinoceros approached the elephant.

the elephant did not tolerate an invasion of its territory and was the first to enter into battle. tusks and trunk and she had to retreat. As a result, the elephant completely drove the rhinoceros away. Here a similar situation wandered into the territory of the elephant, or rather, as many as two rhinoceroses. and she, in the confusion, almost crushed the cub and then just a couple of pokes with tusks, the cry of an elephant and the escape of horned herbivores.

let’s imagine that the elephant caught up with this couple and is now dealing with them in the forest, the female tries to attack but the elephant just comes at her and she has to retreat Under such pressure the rhinoceros could not oppose anything to the huge elephant, and then the elephant itself came into the territory of the rhinoceros, which was quenching its thirst, it shouted something angrily and attacked the rhinoceros, the elephant doesn’t even really strain itself, it just goes towards the herbivores.

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